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Essential Pool Kit - $69.75

If you're in self-isolation or uncomfortable coming in-store during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we have you covered with our Essential Pool Kit that we will deliver contactless for free in the Rockhampton region.

Just ring 48191880 and pay over the phone to get your Essential Pool Kit for just $69.75 and keep your pool in the best swimmable condition.


pH Buffer


pH Buffer is used to raise the Total Alkalinity of swimming pool water to prevent pH bounce, corrosion and staining.


Hydrochloric Acid


A liqiud used to reduce Total Alkalinity and pH in swimming pools and spas.


Protec Chlorine Stabiliser


Focus Protec Chlorine Stabiliser is used for preventing the loss of chlorine to UV rays from sunlight. Focus Products stabiliser is instantly soluble and is able to be skimmer fed.


Stabilised Chlorine


This is used for sanitising or shock dosing swimming pools. It is compatible with all sanitation systems including ionisers and salt pools. Focus stabilised chlorine is instantly soluble and leaves no residue in the pool therefore ensuring crystal clear water.




Bling clarifying tablets assist in the clarification of pool water through binding organic and inorganic wastes together. Bling clarifying tablets are a rapidly dissolving, single dose polymetric clarifier that can be placed directly into the skimmer basket.

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