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Tropical Pool Maintenance Rockhampton

Now Servicing Central Highlands

Brett Samuelsson

The Poolman

Brett became the Poolman in 2009 after he took on the family business from his father, Allen.

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Welcome to
Tropical Pool Maintenance

Tropical Pool Maintenance is a Central Queensland Pool Repair and Maintenance Service operating in Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

It was started by Allen and Norma Samuelsson in 1983. After 28 years of service to pool owners in Rockhampton, Brett joined his father and after years of working together, Brett took over the business to;

  • Continue Allen’s long standing reputation for personal service,

  • Technical excellence in the field,

  • Commitment to pool owners safety and health,

  • Honest and ethical business to a loyal clientele,

  • Samuelsson family reputation for value, service and care,

  • Continue a successful family business and a commitment to the community.